Chron Energy Links: 05.02.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
As output falls and profit misses target, Exxon Mobil’s shares head down
How to read Exxon’s earnings statement
GOP’s bill breaks with Bush on oil stockpiles: dems likely to seek profits tax
KBR earns $98 million, exceeds expectations
Chevron’s profits jump 9% on higher oil prices
Fuel efficiency takes front seat for auto buyers
Does Simon Cowell own the least eco-friendly fleet of cars in the world?
Speculation Redux: If speculation is driving up prices, wouldn’t inventories also rise?
Can Climate Campaigns Withstand a Cooling Test?
650 million years in 94 minutes: A History Channel production on climate is worthwhile
Hot Words: A WSJ Editor Mulls Global-Warming Language
EOG finalizing deal to buy China asset from ConocoPhillips
EIA gas stats changed to show supply rising with demand: bank
FERC chairman challenges GAO findings on agency merger reviews
Reliant says capacity prices support new plant additions in PJM
FERC Mostly Affirms Market-Based Rate Program
ATP Plans to Sell Interests in Selected UK and Gulf of Mexico Assets
Chevron Confirms Startup of Moho-Bilondo Offshore Republic of the Congo