Bob Strouse: protestor, taxpayer, protestor again

Earlier this month the sidewalk in front of the Calpine building at 717 Texas was missing what has become a regular fixture when retired painter Bob Strouse stopped showing up.

Robert Strouse, pre-wheelchair and new sign.

Strouse is the disgruntled former Calpine shareholder who has been keeping vigil in front of the building since early January. See previous entries here and here.
Strouse disappeared in early April, making some wonder if he had finally given up his quest. But he was back again last week after taking a Greyhound bus back to his hometown of Amelia, Ohio to get his taxes in order .
Strouse tells us he’s back at the downtown YMCA and has a new sign (not shown here), made by Ray Skaines of League City, as well as a second Skaines-created YouTube video.
Another addition is a wheelchair that Strouse says he needs since he has been barred from taking lunch breaks in the restaurant on the first floor following a verbal altercation with another customer. Strouse said his ejection was Calpine’s doing, which the company denies. A spokeswoman for Hines, the owner of the building, said the restaurant asked that he be barred. An owner of the sandwich shop said he didn’t make such a request, but confirmed that Strouse was not welcome in the establishment.