Is there a bird watchers' mafia?

summer_tanager__greg_lavaty Trit-weet! We know where you live. A summer tanager, like those seen at Quintana. (photo by Greg Lavaty)

When interviewing people on Quintana Island for today’s story on the first LNG shipment to the new terminal there, it was surprising how many people were reluctant to speak for or against the project.
Two birders who said they didn’t mind the terminal so much (they were from the area and had family that worked at the Dow Chemical plants) wouldn’t give their names because they were afraid of angering other birders who were more opposed. We generally avoid using unnamed sources in stories unless they are providing critical information, thus we left out their comments.
Quintana is well-known in birding circles as a resting place along the migration super highway that is the Texas coast. The Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary is a tiny piece of land very close to the terminal that gets a huge variety of birds.
Then again, others I spoke to, even those who would let us use their names, expressed concerns they would “anger the company,” referring to Freeport LNG or Dow Chemical.
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