Chron Energy Items: 04.15.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on today:
Fort Bend can’t measure its dirty air: Even this well-bred suburb, where residents came dreaming of baseball diamonds, country clubs and single-family homes that back up to greenbelts, can’t escape Houston’s lingering smog.
Chevron lashes out at Ecuadoreans who won award: Associated Press — Chevron Corp. is sharpening its attacks against two opponents in a 15-year legal battle over whether the oil company should foot a multibillion-dollar bill to clean up a toxic stew in the Amazon rainforests.
Crude oil posts a record closing price Monday: Associated Press — Gasoline prices fluctuated over the weekend but appear poised to resume their seemingly relentless trek toward a record high milestone of $3.50 a gallon. Forecasts call for gas to peak as high as $3.65 within a month.
Brazil announces potentially massive oil discovery: Associated Press — A deep-water exploration area off Brazil’s coast could contain as much as 33 billion barrels of oil, the head of Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency said today. That would make it the world’s third-largest known oil reserve.
Study links testosterone to finances, good and bad: Associated Press — The hormone that drives male aggression and sexual interest also seems able to boost short-term success at finance. (also see our previous blog post).