Chron Energy Items: 04.07.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on over the weekend and today:
Dueling demands for corn: Ask John Van Pelt his thoughts on ethanol, and he’s likely to pull out his adding machine and let the numbers speak for themselves.
Former BP chief speaks on cuts/Lawyer quotes Browne as saying budget slashed in years before blast: The former chief executive of British oil giant BP acknowledged Friday that he ordered deep budget cuts at the company’s U.S. refineries in the years before a March 2005 explosion killed 15 at its plant in Texas City, a lawyer said.
Sea salt may be adding to Houston’s air pollution: Houston’s dirty air has long been traced to cars and trucks, ships and oil refineries. But there may be another key ingredient to the foul recipe — sea salt.
The Well: Caledyne expands in Houston, Valerus Compression acquires Power Equipment Services …
Unglamorous but economical/Increasing cost of oil gives turboprops a new lease on life: Associated Press — As fuel prices soar to record highs and airlines struggle to maintain profitability, the unglamorous but fuel-efficient turboprop regional airliner is making a remarkable comeback.