Texas still on top with wind energy

Lone Star Windfarms, near Abilene. (Mayra Beltran / Chronicle).

The Lone Star State is still blowin’ and goin’ with wind development, according to the latest rankings by the American Wind Energy Association. (15-page report with nifty graphics)
As in 2006, Texas has the most installed wind powered power capacity and had the most new construction in 2007, 2,768 megawatts, or a 60 percent increase.
A few other points we gleaned from a quick look through:
Iowa has the highest percentage of its power coming from the wind, 5.5%. (Texas is at 2%)
Four out of the five largest projects are in Texas, including No. 1, FPL Energy’s 736 mw Horse Hollow project.
GE is still the largest manufacturer of wind turbines, with 2,340mw of installed equipment, or 1,560 turbines.
CPS Energy in San Antonio is the public utility with the most wind power (501mw) followed by Austin Energy (274mw).
Luminant (formerly known as TXU’s power plant division) is the 5th largest investor owned operator (704mw)
• The two Congressional Districts with the most wind power installed are also in Texas, include TX-19 Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R) with 2366mw and TX-11 Rep. Mike Conaway (R) with 1430mw.

“With total installed U.S. wind power capacity now over 16,800 MW, or enough to serve the equivalent of 4.5 million average households, wind was the second largest source of new electrical capacity in the nation, behind only natural gas, for the past three years.”