Colombia not just looking for Big Oil…

While our headline today told part of the story about Colombian officials bringing their oil and gas lease road show through town , it’s not just the majors they’re hoping to attact.

Armando Zamora, director general of Colombia’s oil and gas ministry. (Chronicle/James Nielsen)

Colombia is targeting its marketing efforts at companies that might be getting tired of the growing restrictions in neighboring countries where they work, like Venezuela and Ecuador. That includes a lot of the big guns.
But Armando Zamora, director general of Colombia’s oil and gas agency, said one of the areas now up for lease is aimed specifically at attracting small independent exploration companies for which smaller finds are economical. Even start-ups and “micro independents,” he said.
Colombia’s recent incursion into Ecuador to strike at FARC rebels is a reminder of the challenges in the region, but Zamora said the perception is worse than the reality.
“When (energy company officials) come to Bogota the first time they are very afraid. Sometimes their wives won’t let them go,” he said. “But once they come the first time, and the second and the third, they learn to relax and enjoy the city and the business. It’s easy to do business there.”
Reuters also talked to Zamora yesterday.