Chron Energy Items: 03.20.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on :
Drivers have had fill with premium gasoline: Luxury vehicle owners trying to use less or switch to cheaper grades. The price of premium-grade gasoline has been rising faster than you can say Mercedes-Benz.
KBR questioned over fatal accidents in Iraq: At least a dozen soldiers and Marines have been electrocuted in Iraq over the five years of the war, and investigators now are trying to learn what role improper grounding of electrical wires played in those deaths.
3 want Fastow notes in Merrill-Enron case: Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling isn’t the only Enron defendant claiming the government wrongly hid crucial evidence that supported his claims of innocence in his 2006 trial.
Local Briefs: Anadarko still wants MLP; FPL, Oxford and TCU in wind study…