Chron Energy Items: 03.12.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on :
‘It’s going to be a tough year,’ analysts predict: Perhaps it’s time to have that talk with the boss about telecommuting.
UH wants a focus on carbon trading: It may be several years before Congress passes laws regulating greenhouse gases, but the University of Houston already is planning to train the first wave of lawyers and business people who will put those laws to work.
Skilling seeks to use Fastow notes: Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling says federal prosecutors wrongly hoarded critical information from his one-time subordinate Andrew Fastow that would have bolstered some of Skilling’s claims of innocence in his 2006 trial.
Bolivia’s natural gas in demand: Associated Press — Facing blackouts and a looming South American winter, energy-gobbling Brazil and Argentina have an urgent message for their longtime natural gas supplier Bolivia: Step up production, and quick.
Anadarko case may cost $30 billion: A lawsuit decided in favor of Anadarko Petroleum Corp. last year might cost U.S. taxpayers $30 billion, Assistant U.S. Interior Secretary C. Stephen Allred said Tuesday.