Chron Energy Items: 03.04.08

A few of the energy related stories in today’s Houston Chronicle or on
Houston driller: Officials may have made illegal payments to foreign governments: Pride International says it has uncovered evidence that from 2001 through 2005 company officials made payments to government officials of several countries, including Mexico, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, to handle customs, immigration and tax issues.
Regulators to issue permit for $5.2 billion pipeline: Associated Press — The U.S. State Department intends to issue a permit this month for a $5.2 billion pipeline that would transport crude oil from Canada through seven states.
OPEC meeting unlikely to increase oil production: Associated Press — OPEC has all but ruled out pumping more oil to ease record-high prices, oil ministers signaled today on the eve of a key meeting.
Petrobras might buy Exxon stations in S. America: Associated Press — Brazil’s state-run oil company is considering the acquisition of Exxon Mobil Corp.’s distribution network in Brazil, the company said in a note to investors Monday.
LOCAL EARNINGS: ATP Oil & Gas swings into the black for year
Ire intensifies among South American nations: Ecuador broke diplomatic relations with Colombia on Monday, adding fuel to a bitter, three-nation dispute over a Colombian military strike on Ecuadorean soil that killed a senior guerrilla commander.