Chron Energy Items: 03.03.08

A few of the energy related stories in today’s Houston Chronicle or on over the weekend:
Wind power woes not sole issue in near blackouts: Texas’ near miss with rolling blackouts Tuesday night may appear at first blush to be a sign of the failings of wind power — more than 80 percent of the state’s wind turbine energy went offline when a North Texas cold front stilled the air.
Russian firm trims natural gas deliveries to Ukraine: Bloomberg News — Russia’s Gazprom natural gas monopoly cut supplies to the Ukraine by a third today as it attempted to reassure western European nations that they would not be affected.
Exxon, Oxy finalists for Bahrain project: Bloomberg News — Bahrain, the smallest oil producer in the Persian Gulf, shortlisted three foreign oil companies to develop an existing onshore field.
Trammell Crow aims to earn gold with its ‘green’ system designs: Real Estate reporter Nancy Sarnoff: Trammell Crow is doing something new. The developer plans to install 10 wind turbines at the top of its new downtown building to harvest renewable energy.
West Texas radioactive waste site a hot topic: The executive director of the state’s environmental agency is poised to recommend a radioactive waste dump in West Texas despite a report from agency scientists who said nearby groundwater makes the site unsuitable.
The Well: PennWell Corp. and Offshore Magazine will host the annual Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition Monday through Wednesday in Galveston at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Conference Center.