Chron Energy Items: 02.29.08

A few of the energy related stories in today’s Houston Chronicle or on
Clinton calls for cleaner fuels at energy conference: Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday challenged the oil industry to lead the way to develop cleaner sources of energy to help tackle the nation’s growing energy security problem. “It is time for the oil companies to become energy companies,” Clinton said.
Notable absences at energy summit don’t bode well: Loren Steffy on the Energy Summit: The topic wasn’t on the agenda, and it wasn’t discussed on any of the panels. But in the convention center hallways and around the luncheon tables, everyone was asking the same thing: Why aren’t they here?
Energy summit: Efficiency, technology can reduce emissions: Lawmakers should “take a chainsaw” to the nation’s thicket of energy-related laws to unleash innovation that could cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, a top Sierra Club official told a Houston audience today.
Energy summit: Coal and gas fuel debate: One’s a natural gas producer. The other is pushing a way to clean up coal and turn it into gasoline and other fuels. Both fervently say their fuel is better as oil becomes tougher to reach.
Appeals court orders judge to delay action on BP plea: A federal appeals court today ordered a judge to delay action on a plea bargain related to BP’s Texas City refinery blast in 2005 while it determines if victims were properly consulted in reaching the deal.
Brazil police recover laptops stolen from state oil firm: Associated Press — When computers with information about newly discovered, massive oil fields off Brazil’s eastern coast vanished earlier this month, allegedly in transit from an offshore rig, it jolted the oil industry and alarmed even the nation’s president.
Contracting expert zeroes in on Iraq: Q&A with Steven Schooner of George Washington University School of Law and an expert on federal procurement law and military contracting.