BusinessWeek: UH biz school's energy niche

Colleges have a love-hate relationship with the annual rankings that various publications like U.S. News & World Reports and BusinessWeek do (love it when they’re on top, hate it when they’re further down the list). There’s plenty to not like about the methodologies for ranking something that can be subjective.

UH biz school is on the prowl. (Chronicle/Melissa Phillip)

Those problems notwithstanding, the University of Houston got a little plug in the recent rankings of undergraduate business schools in BusinessWeek.
UH’s Bauer School moved up a few notches, from No. 85 to No. 82, and was noted for its accounting and honors programs. BusinessWeek also highlighted UH for its efforts to tap into the local energy business:

“Houston is home to oil giants BP (NYSE:BP – News), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP – News), and Royal Dutch Shell (CDNX:RDS.V – News), along with hundreds of other smaller energy companies. But until 2001, when the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business (No. 82) launched the Global Energy Management Institute, there were no business school programs nearby that focused on the industry. It has been a gusher ever since: Most of last year’s 21 students graduated with high-paying jobs. Now, to keep up with changes in the business, the institute is developing new electives focused on alternative energy. The first course, Carbon Trading, will be taught next spring.”

Click here for more of what they had to say about the GEMI program. (GEMI’s annual energy trading conference, now in its 6th year, is coming up in March, where carbon trading will likely be a topic).
BTW, other Texas schools to make the BusinessWeek list include the University of Texas at Austin (No. 10), Southern Methodist University (No. 23), Texas A&M (No. 31), Texas Christian (No. 32), Baylor University (No. 36) and the University of Texas-Dallas (No. 86).