UH energy trading conference coming

The 6th annual energy trading conference hosted by the University of Houston’s Global Energy Management Institute (GEMI) is coming up on March 11.
The Chronicle covered the event last year, which focused on speculators. This year’s focus will be on the growing role of commodities like biofuels and the new (and future) environmental markets.
“Due to skyrocketing prices and increasing environmental concerns, biofuels, such as ethanol, have achieved increasing prominence, and new environmental markets are growing dramatically,” said Craig Pirrong, UH-GEMI energy markets director and Bauer College finance professor. “Moreover, markets for transportation have become increasingly integrated with energy, and LNG is assuming an increasingly important role worldwide.”
The event will bring together ” …. traders, risk managers, securities analysts, investors, consultants and lawyers to discuss the changing energy marketplace,” said Avani Dave, GEMI program coordinator.
Speakers (so far) include:
George Baker, partner at William & Jensen
Don Ellithorpe, Vice President of Structuring at Merrill Lynch Commodities;
Joe Raia, Senior Vice President of Marketing at NYMEX;
Sal Gilbertie, Senior Vice President of Energy & Renewable Fuel Derivatives at FIMAT;
Davis Thames, Senior Vice President at Cheniere;
Richard Sandor, CEO of the Chicago Climate Exchange.
Registration information is available here.