Chron Energy Items: 02.18.08

A few of the energy related items in the Houston Chronicle or on today or over the weekend:
As Mexico’s oil reserves drop, Calderon thinks the unthinkable: The political showdown over the future of Pemex, the Mexican government’s crucial oil monopoly, appears to loom at last.
Snags seen for nuclear power: Snippets from the energy conference The “nuclear renaissance” in the U.S. power industry is still scheduled to arrive within a decade, but it’s running a little late, a federal regulator said at a Houston energy conference Friday.
Oceans of electricity beckon: Associated Press — Just 15 miles off Florida’s coast, the world’s most powerful sustained ocean current — the mighty Gulf Stream — rushes by at nearly 8.5 billion gallons per second. And it never stops.
Houston firm looks heroic in Sundance’s Goliath: Mary Flood on one law firm’s role in the coal wars.