CERAWeek: "We don't build churches just for Christmas"

Tim Healy, Co-founder and CEO of EnerNOC, an energy efficiency technology company, said he thinks energy efficiency is 40 to 50 percent of the electric supply solution in the future, particularly demand-side management efforts.
The company has a network center in Boston that helps control equipment for large commercial customers to help reduce power demand during peak times.
About 10 percent of the grid is built to meet peak that happens only 1 percent of the time, Healy said, which is a capacity excess seldom seen in other areas.
“We don’t build churches just for Christmas and Easter,” he said.
As that continues it will account for about $1.6 trillion in expenditures in the U.S. and Canada over the next 25 years. Demand response is an easy way to cut into that, since at least for now there’s no way to generate excess power and store it for high-demand periods.