CERAWeek: The peril of not doing enough

Michael Morris, President and CEO of American Electric Power, in the “Promise and Peril of Clean Energy” Panel.
“The peril is if we don’t do enough in every way that we can we will find ourselves in a classic electric shortage and … come up with some terribly ill-conceived answers to that question,” Morris said.
Another “dash to gas” would be one of those bad answers, because of the costs, he said.
He points to Mexican officials saying they know they have to invest more in their oil fields, which are the major source of revenue, but that they believe they have more pressing needs. And the same with reports from South Africa of widespread blackouts because of failure to invest in infrastructure.
Morris said he’s concerned the U.S. could be a decade away from similar situations if it decides to back away from things like coal and nuclear
“If we don’t find a way inside the carbon challenge to retrofit” the existing coal fleet there will be serious trouble, he said. Simply shutting down coal plants won’t work.