CERAWeek: Power Day No. 1

Welcome to Day 3 of the Chronicle energy team blogging CERAWeek. Today is the first of two days dedicated to power — a new addition to the program this year. Actually, this is the first time in its 27-year history CERAWeek has really been a week.
If it’s anything like year’s past, the number of reporters and attendees drops off greatly today. Maybe it’s because Houston is so exploration and production-centric? Given how unique Texas’ electric market is — heck, there are as many as eight new nuclear reactors being proposed for the state — one would think the crowds would be sustained. Maybe more people will be around because former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is speaking tonight?
In any case, at the most superficial level it means the lines at the men’s room during breaks won’t be like women’s rooms at a football stadium during half time.
Up first thing, an opening address by Lawrence Makovich, CERA vice president and senior advisor for global power
The first panel: The Changing Face of North American Power
Donald Evans, Chairman of Energy Future Holdings Corp. aka the company formerly known as TXU
Deryk King, CEO of Direct Energy, Centrica North America
James Rogers, CEO of Duke Power
Jone-Lin Wang, CERA senior director of power
The luncheon address is from Greg Boyce, CEO of Peabody Energy.