CERAWeek: Faith-based technology no way to solve the problem

James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy said there are three key numbers he keeps in mind: 3, 12 and 41.
Duke Power is third-largest emitter of CO2 in the U.S., 12th in the world and of the 192 U.N. nations it would rank at No. 41.
Rogers isn’t bragging about it, but using it to show how daunting his company’s challenge is.
“We need to de-carbonize our energy supplies over the coming decades, and I think we can do that, we have the technology to do that,” Rogers said.
Rogers said he would call on a something like a worldwide arms race to see who would become the most energy efficient economy.
The evangelical movement has gone from the South to the West Coast, Rogers said, as Silicon Valley is preaching that technology can now solve all energy problems. The timetable for technology to solve the problems is unrealistic, he said.