Chevron: It's a gas, gas, gas

Natural gas is gaining much ground in Chevron Corp.’s portfolio.
John Gass, president of Chevron Global Gas (and yes, he’s heard the jokes about Gass being a gas guy), says natural gas now makes up about 31 percent of Chevron’s overall production makeup.
In the coming years that portion will grow to 45 percent as significant projects come onstream in Australia, Angola, Nigeria and China.
Gass says the Gorgon project off of Australia’s northwest coast is one of the most if not the most important project in terms of growing Chevron’s gas business. The project, which recently received environmental approval from the Australian government, will involve building a new natural gas processing plant and gas liquefication plant. The field has 40 trillion cubic feet of gas to be developed.
“We’ve got a lot on our plate for the future,” Gass said in an interview during CERA’s conference.