CERAWeek: LNG was slow in coming in Nigeria

Generally, there’s been a lot of talk for years about African LNG projects, said David Hobbs, CERA vice president of global research.
“Nigeria LNG trains are a lot like London busses. There’s nothing for 20 years then they show up all at once,” Hobbs said, reference to comments by Emmanuel Egbogah, special adviser to the president on petroleum matters in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on project growth there.
The audience had questions about the practice of gas flaring, the burning off of natural gas that comes with oil production. It was particularly common in Nigeria because there was no local market for the gas.
“We made a failed attempt to stop [all flaring] by 2008, which can be blamed on poor investment in facilities,” Egbogah said. “We have now had a resurgence and are making serious plans” to stop all flaring by 2010.