CERAWeek: Cook says high oil prices not easy for Shell

The U.S. only had 1,000 petroleum engineering college graduates in 2007. In 2003 and 2004 China and India had four times as many.
“Be an engineer” won’t work in attracting U.S. student to the business because it “sounds boring,” Cook said. “I can say that because I am one.”
But telling them to come help solve the world’s energy challenges might work.
And from Daniel Yergin’s Q&A with Cook:
Cook said she continues to see traditional customers for LNG — China, Japan etc. — will still be interested in long-term contracts for gas. “I don’t see it turning into a free-for-all, with completely liquid markets in five years’ time,” she said.
If someone had told her 10 years ago she’d see $80 oil, Cook said she would have told them she’d “love to live in that world.” Today the high costs that have come with the higher prices have made it “very difficult” to be at a major producer.
Also… “A ton of CO2 reduced in China is just as good as a ton reduced in the U.S. and maybe a lot cheaper to achieve,” she said.