CERAWeek: Chevron's John Gass on the last 10 years

John Gass, president of Chevron Gas, reflected on all that’s happened in the gas market in the last ten years.
It was less than 10 years ago when Gass went to China with an Australian group to introduce China to LNG.
“This was when you couldn’t get a supplier to pick up the phone” to talk about selling LNG to China. China has now been importing LNG for close to two years.
Four years ago Koreans asked for bids to import LNG. And the U.S. started to stir to a coming decline of domestic natural gas production, with companies starting to plan import terminals.
This year a number of such terminals are scheduled to open in the U.S.
Other signs of a growing global gas market, according to Gass: Tokyo Electric imported LNG from 13 different countries. Spot markets are growing.