Chron Energy Items: 02.12.08

A few of the energy items in today’s Houston Chronicle or on
Report: World’s refineries need to be more flexible: The world’s refineries must adapt to a plethora of raw materials to avoid shortfalls in meeting global demand for diesel and jet fuel, a leading energy consulting firm is reporting today.
Chavez’s threat empty, some say: Associated Press –Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s latest threat to cut off oil sales to the U.S. produces tantalizing headlines and rattles some oil traders’ nerves.
Nuclear stakes could change: CPS Energy, San Antonio’s public utility, could become a 50-50 partner with NRG Energy in an expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant if Austin decides not to take the 16 percent ownership stake to which it is entitled, a key CPS official said Monday.
Scheme nets Enron shareholder lawsuit lawyer 2-year term: Associated Press — William Lerach, a former partner at a well-known New York law firm, was sentenced Monday to two years in federal prison for his role in a lucrative kickback scheme involving class-action lawsuits against some of the nation’s biggest corporations.
LOCAL EARNINGS: Newfield says profit nearly quadrupled.