CERAWeek: Saudi Aramco CEO Abdallah Jum'ah keynote

Energy is an essential driver that touches everyone daily on the planet, Jum’ah said. Although considerable uncertainty exists today, oil prices have been buffeted by relatively healthy demand, stretched refining capacity and ongoing debate about the role of speculators.
To achieve the goal of energy security the world uses a variety of conventional methods, such as stockpiles, more use of “alternative” energy, and they should be continued.
“However, in my view that offers only part of the solution,” Jum’ah said. “As any Texas cowpuncher will tell you the best way to clear brush is to remove it, not just cut the leaves.”
That means the world should target the root causes of energy problems, instead of trying to deal with the “many heads of the hydra.”
Jum’ah spoke here three years ago.