Electric bill lower? Thank a pipeline company

On Saturday we wrote about how a rush of new natural gas pipeline projects coming online could be good news for Texans’ electric bills. Natural gas accounts for nearly 50 percent of our power in Texas and because of our wholesale power market structure essentially sets the price at which all power is sold.

Is shopping for power a bright idea right now?

Judging from reader comments on the story, many of you are skeptical.

“right…ok..will that include the lowering of their fuel-cost-adjustment-fee and are they gonna add another in-case-we-need-mo-money-fee?… whatever!… NEVER_EVER have my utilities gone down!” write one reader.

Others say they have saved, but it was from switching a while ago:

“We saved over $800 over this last year by switching companies. But right now most of the rates are actually higher than when we changed 12 months ago.”

A number of people said they’ve saved a whole lot more by installing new, more efficient A/C systems, and others said they thought they signed up for a lower rate but it didn’t turn out that way:

“I signed on with a company that showed the lowest cost, then I started getting my bills and they were just as high as the highest, I called and asked them what was going on and then my bills started getting a little lower.”

We were accused of misleading readers for not mentioning the “Power To Choose” Web site the state runs, where you can compare power prices. As if we never wrote about it before .
And my favorite comment:

“The person who wrote this article must in public relations for the utility companies.”

Anyone else shopped around for a new power plan lately? Share your story with us.