DOE saying 'goodbye' to FutureGen?

Maybe Texas should consider itself lucky it didn’t win the competiton for the FutureGen project last month. From the Associated Press:

The U.S. Department of Energy, frustrated by ballooning costs for an ambitious plan to build a virtually emissions-free power plant, told federal lawmakers Tuesday it plans to pull its support for the $1.8 billion project in Illinois, lawmakers said.
The Energy Department would not publicly divulge its intentions about the plant, dubbed FutureGen, or discuss what was said during the private meeting with lawmakers, saying only that it planned an announcement within days.

Two towns in Texas and two in Illinois were on the short list for the project. On Dec. 19 Mattoon, Ill. was named as the winner, to the chagrin of leaders in Jewitt and Odessa, Texas. But as we wrote back then, it’s been clear the project was not going smoothly:

Department of Energy officials were conspicuously absent from the Tuesday morning news conference in Washington, D.C., where Mattoon, Ill., was named the site of the $1.8 billion project to build a coal-fired power plant with low greenhouse gas emissions.
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy James Slutz had warned in a letter to industry officials a week earlier it would be “inadvisable” to name the site before his office reviewed all comments on environmental impact statements.

Stay tuned….