Texas retail electric switching down Y2Y, but …

More Texans choose.

The number of Texans switching electric retail providers was down 13 percent in 2007 (or at least through Nov.) but overall more Texans are taking part in deregulated markets, according to a recent update from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.
About 669,000 Texans had switched through the end of November, versus 768,000 through November 2006, but the percentage of residential customers signed up with someone other than their incumbent provider was 41 percent, up from 36 percent in Nov. 2006.
Forty-four percent of small commercial customers were with non-incumbent reps versus 37 percent at the same time in 2006. Large commercial customers on non-incumbents were down slightly to 71 percent, from 72 percent.
Also, not surprising is that total energy use for 2007 was above 2006, a slight 0.4 percent to 307 million megawatt hours. The unofficial peak power demand for 2007 is 62,188 MW, which occurred on August 13 in the 3 to 4 p.m. time.
And, while we’re at it, energy consumption for 2007, as measured by fuel type:


Gas is king in Texas. (Natural gas – 45.5 percent; Coal – 37.4 percent; Nuclear – 13.4 percent; Wind – 2.9 percent; Water – 0.4 percent; Other – 0.4 percent)

Have you switched?