Chronicle energy items: 1.5.08 to 1.7.08

Some of the energy stories in the Houston Chronicle over the weekend and today.
New laws leave oil refiners uncertain: Refinery expansion is continuing, but some refiners are putting plans on hold while they review the potential effects of new energy-conservation legislation and other market factors.
Experts are less bullish on $100 oil: Oil prices finally got a date with three digits, but the relationship has been tentative — so far.
$100 oil will hurt at more than the pump: If oil prices stay up, Americans also may see higher prices for a host of other petroleum-derived products, from light bulbs and paint to golf balls and deodorant.
TransCanada only application for Alaskan pipeline to advance: “We have long stated that it only takes one good application,” Gov. Sarah Palin said.
Research means cold cash: BARROW, ALASKA — As kids in this remote Arctic Ocean town, Lewis Brower and his friends caught lemmings and sold them for a quarter apiece to researchers who fed the rodents to the snowy owls they were studying. (with video)
Oil prices can’t stop Pemex slide: Los Angeles Times — “The situation of Petróleos Mexicanos is critical and merits immediate attention,” the company’s top executive said.