Chronicle energy news Jan. 4

Some of the energy-related items in today’s Chronicle.
What do you think about the price of oil? : Chronicle photographer/videographer Steve Ueckert talks to drivers about the $100 per barrel milestone. (video link appears in center column)
$100 oil not just about gasoline price: Chronicle columnist Loren Steffy reflects on the milestone and his commute.
Baker Hughes’ new research center goes to new depths: Finding oil in the deepest waters of the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore regions is one thing. Pulling it out of a tiny hole 5 miles below the seafloor is another.
ConocoPhillips says it’s producing more oil: ConocoPhillips said it produced more oil in the final three months of 2007 than in the third quarter but likely made less money refining it into gasoline and other products.
Noble chooses insider for CEO: Offshore driller Noble Corp. named a new CEO from within its own ranks Thursday, ending a three-month search for a successor to replace its former chief executive, who resigned abruptly in September.