Chronicle energy items at the close of 2007

A few of the energy stories in the Chronicle (or elsewhere on over the weekend and today.
Not yet $100, but poised to get there: The historic surge in oil prices dominated the energy landscape this year as economists, analysts and consumers watched them come within spitting distance of three digits. Prices didn’t reach that $100-a-barrel milestone. But analysts say they’re on track to do so in 2008.
2007 YEAR IN REVIEW / THE YEAR’S OTHER TOP STORIES: Mortgage market meltdown followed the $100 oil issue closely, but other top business stories this year (according to us, anyhow) include BP’s multi-million dollar settlements, Oscar Wyatt’s plea deal, Comcast’s takeover of the Houston cable market and the energy industry’s M&A boom.
The winners and losers in Houston business: Columnist Loren Steffy’s take on the top biz stories of 2007.
Opposition stirring against new reactors : Texas anti-nuclear activists are rallying their forces to challenge the so-called nuclear renaissance that could see the state become home to the country’s first new nuclear power plant project in nearly 30 years.
Green tax break ending on Dec. 31: Kiss those $500 tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements goodbye.