A cry for help, in verse

It should be no surprise that there are lots of exhibits that will be entered into evidence in the El Paso gas trader trial. (yes, this is the second entry on the trial today, and we’re not even in the courthouse!) The government has been investigating this case for three years and has gone through thousands of records and hundreds of recorded phone calls.
But apparently it’s getting out of hand.
In a “Joint Motion of Help” filed by the defendants today attorneys ask the judge to make prosecutors give them a heads-up on what exhibits they plan to use the following day. But they do so in an interesting way:

Sixteen hundred exhibits
Monday eve were dumpted in our lap.
We’re trying to get your attention
We need a daily roadmap.
If they’ll tell us the numbers in advance,
We will not eat them away.
Without them, we can’t do this trial.
So for your help we pray.

Please direct the United States, at the end of each day, to make a good faith effort to tell us which exhibits will be used with the coming witnesses. Given the volume of material, and the fact that they were designated only this week, we are not able to follow the direct examination, while searching for exhibits, some of which are offered in groups at a time.

While all three attorneys signed the filing, it has a familiar ring to it, sort of like this one here.