New Texas nuke plant application online

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has posted the public version of NRG Energy’s application to build two new nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project near Bay City.
The application is the first for a new plant in the U.S. in decades and the first to use the new combined construction and operating license process.

nuclear_south_texas_26 One of the existing STP reactor buildings.

As expected, a lot of data was kept out of the public filing, such as proprietary financial data and security-related details.
Naturally the building layout for each unit is similar to the current units in that it still includes a place to store the spent fuel rods and even room to expand that storage — another sign the industry isn’t counting on Yucca Mountain to be ready any time soon.
While the security stuff would likely be more of what’s already in place at the current Fort Knox-like facility, the financial data would be really interesting to a lot of folks. Can this new generation of nuclear plant construction avoid the cost-overruns of the last generation?
See anything else interesting in the filings? Let us know.