The Yes Men strike again

While I’m sure this was embarrassing for the organizers and more than a little annoying for ExxonMobil, this incident at an oil and gas conference in Calgary is a bit funny.
The group behind the prank, the Yes Men, are combination performance artists and activists who show up at corporate events pretending to be industry officials. Among their pranks are Gilda, the Acceptable Risk Skeleton, presented at a banking conference to applause, a faux presentation in New Orleans post-Katrina by a Housing and Urban Development official and one where a fake World Trade Organization official proposed “full private stewardry of labor” aka slavery for Africa (I remember when the press release for that one was released I was stumped for a minute because it was executed so well). Even Houston’s own Halliburton has been on the receiving end. Think of them as those anarchists who show up at the G8 Summit but with a better sense of humor.
The first hint of the latest prank came Friday evening when the PR agency handling the event put out this statement:

CALGARY, June 14 /CNW/ – The Gas and Oil Exposition (GO-EXPO) 2007 has
verified that today’s Keynote Luncheon speakers were impersonating
representatives from Exxon Mobil and National Petroleum Council. dmg world
media has confirmed with both organizations that the “environmental and
corporate ethics activists” were not representatives of their respected

Needless to say, they weren’t willing to share a transcript of the lunch with the Chronicle. I wonder how The Yes Men would have fared at the Offshore Technology Conference?