Armchair rig workers

Ok, so you’re wondering what this whole “offshore oil industry” scene is all about, but can’t make it to OTC because you’re not in the industry and don’t want to go through the hassle of sneaking in. You can get a taste of it without leaving your couch if you have cable TV and get the Discovery Channel.
On Tuesday nights, the channel broadcasts “Oil, Sweat & Rigs,” which, if you live along the Gulf Coast, may as well be called “what one of your neighbors does at work.” The series started last year showing how a number of the companies that run the huge oil and gas platforms in the Gulf repaired damage from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.
The first season included footage from Shell’s recovery work on the Mars platform, which got slammed in 2005. I was lucky enough to fly out there just before the big lift they show in that episode while Kristen Hays went out sometime later. Poor Brett is jealous of us both because he just gets to tour refineries and talk to celebrities, but his day will come.
This week’s episode appears to be about work done by Houston’s own Diamond Offshore to repair a drilling rig (at least I keep seeing a guy with a Diamond Offshore hard hat in the promos for the show and the episode is called “Diamond.”).
The tag from the Discovery web site:

120 miles out in the Gulf, a drilling team is desperate to finish an important job. They’ve only got two weeks to unblock an old well which an oil company wants to bring back onstream.

Funny thing is I’m not finding Diamond Offshore in the list of exhibitors. You guys here?