More on Moore, the Greenpeace-ex

A number of readers e-mailed about a piece I wrote last week on Patrick Moore’s talk to the Gulf Coast Power Association’s conference in The Woodlands. Moore was an early member of Greenpeace (and has been described as a co-founder in a number of accounts) who has since taken positions that put him on the opposite end of the spectrum from the environmental group.
One reader wrote “… it’s important to know that he’s been providing public relations advice to businesses with poor environmental images, since at least 1991 — including the logging, mining, biotech, and now nuclear, industries.”
This is in reference to Greenspirit Strategies, the company he is the chairman of, and the CASEnergy Coalition, a nuclear energy industry-funded group he co-chairs. Moore’s personal views are also spelled out on
Another said Moore being called a Greenpeace co-founder is “an urban myth” and pointed to a piece written by author and long-time nuclear energy opponent Harvey Wasserman that notes the group was started in 1970 but Moore wrote a letter in March 16, 1971 asking to join the crew of a ship the group planned to take to Alaska for a demonstration.
“Clearly, then, Moore was not a founder of Greenpeace,” Wasserman writes.
Greenpeace officials that e-mailed me didn’t dispute his co-founder status, and I was able to find references on their web site to him, such as links to articles that name him in the early history of the group. But they say it’s important to stress who his paying clients are and that my story made it sound like his conversion from anti-nuke to pro-nuke was a quick and recent development. He left the group in 1986 but it seems his change on nuclear energy came sometime after that.
Moore told me about the Wasserman article during our interview and said the group has been trying to discredit him for years. Greenpeace is indeed very open about its disagreements with Moore and his use of his past to market his current businesses.