Carbon customers for Fort Bend IGCC plant?

One thing that couldn’t fit in the tiny item (second one down) we ran today about a Goldman Sachs subsidiary signing on a equity investor in a Fort Bend County IGCC power plant planned by Hunton Energy is some info on new plans for carbon capture at the plant.
Previously, Hunton said they thought they’d be able to take the CO2 produced by the plant and inject it in the ground in nearby oil fields for enhanced oil recovery. This is a well-established business, with companies like Kinder Morgan particularly active in it, but a few readers were skeptical of Hunton’s ability to make it work.
Hunton President Rock Sembritsky said the company hopes to capture between 35 percent and 75 percent of the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions and is talking to several companies interested in building pipelines to the plant to ship it away for use elsewhere. This essentially relieves Hunton of having to worry about the CO2 injection technology issues that some readers were skeptical of. Terms of an agreement could be finalized in the next 60 days, he predicted.