Power provider likes plug-in hybrid vehicles

One of North America’s largest electricity providers on Thursday said that so-called “plug-in” hybrid vehicles offer great promise in reducing greenhouse gases in the future.
While there are still technology hurdles in developing lithium-ion batteries that can support long-range driving, plug-in hybrid research is moving forward and should produce commercially available vehicles in coming years, said Thierry Vandal, president and CEO of Hydro-Quebec.
Detroit automakers General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. recently debuted plug-in hybrid concept vehicles, which can be plugged into electric sockets and given enough power to propel them 20 miles or more before needing to recharge. But they have asked for government support to fund more research on better batteries.
Aside from the environmental benefits from moving to zero-emission electric vehicles, power providers also see opportunity in plug-in hybrids because recharging potentially millions of vehicles represents a huge potential revenue source.