Climate change solutions depend on technology

Policy makers in Washington and around the world can only do so much to address global climate change. The best solutions will come from breakthroughs in technology, said Jeff Sterba, chairman and CEO of PNM Resources, an electricity provider, who spoke Thursday morning at CERA Week in Houston.
“Climate change is first and foremost a technology challenge,” Sterba said. But he lamented that the current portfolio of resources is not adequate to meet growing energy needs, while reducing the industry’s environmental impact.
Sterba said the industry should immediately focus more on becoming more efficient, but must also expand use of clean coal and nuclear power technologies and accelerate research in renewable energy sources. The industry should take the lead in developing better and cleaner technology before “uninformed” policy makers enact well-intentioned, but misguided regulations.
“I firmly believe in the power of our economy to find solutions to these (issues),” Sterba said.