New nukes soon?

New nuclear power projects in the U.S. should be started in the next two to three years, said Exelon President and CEO John Rowe.
During a post-lunch keynote Rowe said the number of projects depends on the new Democratic majority’s willingness to “… embrace nuclear technology as an arrow in its quiver to address climate change.”
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has acknowledged nuclear power needs to be considered, Rowe said, but Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey is heading a key committee that would address such policy issues, “… and I will be a very old man by the time I convince Mr. Markey to [support] nuclear energy.”
Chicago-based Exelon is one of the largest electric utilities in the country, serving about 5.2 million customers in Illinois and Pennsylvania, and distributing natural gas to more than 470,000 customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. Rowe said the company has long been a supporter of greenhouse gas legislation, which is why it sold off large parts of its fossil-fuel fired plants in the past and now operates the largest nuclear fleet in the U.S. and the third largest in the world.
Despite Exelon’s decidedly pro-nuclear stance, Rowe closed with one prediction/observation about the future of the U.S. power industry:
“Natural gas has become something of a bitch goddess. She’s still queen.”