"Global warming can't be ignored"

Tillerson said global warming can’t be ignored.
“This is an issue that crosses all boundaries,” he said.
“The majority of the growth in future energy demand will come from developing nations,” as will much of the growth in greenhouse gases.
He says energy efficiency efforts by Exxon at its own facilities since 1999 have had the equivalent impact of taking 2 million cars off the road.
He praised new research being done at Stanford University and encouraged more research into climate science.
“For all this complexity our fundamental mission remains clear and simple: we must meet the need for energy that is affordable, abundant, economical and environmentally safe.”
What would you be looking for on public policy to go in the right direction?
Tillerson’s answer:
It’s a global problem so the solutions must address it on that level.
Initiatives in Asia-Pacific, where most of the growth in CO2 emissions are likely to occur, is important, he said.
He said he also believes there’s a lot of pent-up energy efficiency opportunities that have not been taken advantage of.