Taking a cue from the space race

At the Take Back America 2006 conference in Washington D.C. this week, the Apollo Alliance rolled out a 10-point plan it claims can create three million new jobs and end this country’s dependence on foreign oil.
The plan of action promotes everything from hybrid cars and more efficient factories to “green” building and reinvestment in urban brownfields.
Apollo Alliance President Jerome Ringo says the group is taking its cues from JFK’s Apollo Project, which had a goal of putting a man on the moon in under a decade and achieving U.S. preeminence in space.
Like the Apollo Project, which President Kennedy launched in a speech at Rice University in September 1962, the Apollo Alliance asserts that a move to energy freedom must be big, bold and fast.
The group is certainly drawing some big star power. Speaking at the conference, Robert Redford said lobbying efforts have put a stranglehold on Congress and urged the Democratic base to rise up and fight for energy change:

What are you going to do? Where is it going to come from? It can only come from one place, and that’s from the bottom up.