The master of energy

In a lunchtime address today, Luis Vierma, vice president of exploration and production for Petroleos de Venezuela, said “In our perspective, hydrocarbons will be the master of energy for the next 100 years.”
Vierma was filling in for Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez, who bailed out of the speech at the last minute.
Vierma went on to say bringing back nuclear power is time-consuming to develop — not to mention dangerous — which should keep the emphasis on oil and natural gas in the future.
According to Vierma, Venezuela has oil reserves that total half of what the Middle East contains when unconventional heavy oil from the Orinoco Belt is taken into consideration. He assured that Venezuela plans to keep supplying the U.S., but added that China will be a “tremendous client” in the future.
“Venezuela is going to be now,” he said. “We have been producing for more than 100 years and we’ll keep producing for many years to come.”