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Today’s press session is over. Thank goodness Donna Karen makes a fashionable sneaker a woman can wear with slacks. The last time I stood around for hours waiting to sprint up three flights of stairs to the gathering. I did it Carrie Bradshaw-style. Dress. Three-inch heels. I’ll never do that again.
Qatar oil minister Al Attiyah’s eyes lit up when I asked him about Syriana. Here’s a transcript of the tape:

COOK: Minister, I’m with the Houston Chronicle. I’d like to ask if you’ve seen Syriana?
COOK: Syriana?
AL ATTIYAH: Seen it? I, yes, yes, I’d love to see it.
COOK: Would you? Are you planning to watch it?
COOK: Is it showing in your country?
AL ATTIYAH: I don’t know. Maybe. But I am not sure. I’m sure they will show it. When it comes to the movies I will see it.
COOK: What have you heard about it?
AL ATTIYAH: I have not heard much about it but it is the topic about the oil and the Middle East and …
COOK: And the CIA and the intrigue and the politics…
AL ATTIYAH: The CIA and I don’t know but I hear that this is now No. 1.
COOK: Yes, a lot of people in the States saw it and George Clooney just won an award for his acting in it.
AL ATTIYAH: Yeah, so I heard.

On to the United Arab Emirates’ minister, Mohamed bin Dhaen Al Hamli.

COOK: Minister, have you seen the movie Syriana?
AL HAMLI: [Blank stare]
COOK: Syriana? It’s a movie about oil and the Middle East that just won an award in the U.S.?
AL HAMLI: I don’t know.
ANOTHER REPORTER IN THE SCRUM: … parts of it were filmed in the emirate of Dubai… [The first Western movie filmed there, in fact.]
AL HAMLI: I don’t know. You’re asking me about something I have not seen. Let me see it and then you can ask again next time.

And on to Kuwait’s Al-Sabah.

COOK: Minister, have you seen Syriana?
Al-Sabah: [No answer]

I can’t be sure if Al-Sabah didn’t hear me because he was swamped with reporters or chose to ignore the question in favor of talking about actual OPEC matters.
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