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Debate Over Need To Panic About Global Warming

Last month, the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal feature a column signed by 16 scientists—a group of distinguished physicists and engineers—which challenged the conventional wisdom of an impending climate catastrophe. Its authors made the case that there are no compelling scientific arguments support the calls made by activists and politicians for drastic action […]  More »

What to expect when retail electric providers consolidate

The transition is simple and you might even get more out of your provider.  More »

Pulitzer Prize Winner Plugs Science Education As Energy Solution

Daniel Yergin is the preeminent energy historian of our time. He won a Pulitzer with his 1991 book, The Prize. And he may very well get another with his latest tome, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. For anyone interested in the factors that lead to how our current energy […]  More »

Commodities and Their Current Storage Situations

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures about storage across a number of our dearly beloved commodities and a number of geographies – highlighting (for the most part) a theme of staunch stockpiles.    To further provide some educational information, in addition to the focus on energy, there is also some trivia relating to the ultimate sultan of storage…the squirrel. So enjoy! –UK natural gas storage […]  More »

Walking the Walk

President Obama scored a lot of points in our book for his discussion of national energy policy in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, starting with the prominence he gave the topic in his speech and the time he devoted to it. Energy policy is critical to our national economy and the President […]  More »

Forecasting the future of natural gas

What’s ahead for U.S. natural gas? What potential does this energy resource hold and what challenges are likely?  More »

Obama Mimics Al Gore, Claims Credit for Others Work

Al Gore’s self-aggrandizing claim that he “took the initiative in creating the Internet” has haunted him since he first uttered it during a 1999 CNN interview. It makes sense. In a society where people expect to be rewarded for their hard work and good ideas, the public generally abhors those who take credit where it’s […]  More »

Time, Newsweek Bury Keystone

By Michael J. Economides & Peter C. Glover Energy has become a hot button election issue. President Obama’s State of the Union address and his decision to reject TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline crystallized the fact. The language of the GOP presidential candidates post-Keystone was suitably pithy. Gingrich intoned it “a stunningly […]  More »

The Age of Fossil Energy is Far From Over

Last week, the London Sunday Times had an article about a potential discovery of methane hydrates that could more than double the world’s energy reserves. Methane hydrates are methane gas that is frozen by the high pressure and low temperatures of the deep sea.  While the existence of methane hydrates is not new the potential […]  More »

Six-month electric-plan prices rise and a look at the “green premium”

A quick recap of recent moves in retail electric pricing.  More »

Dems Push “Reasonable Profits Board” to Control Corporate Prices

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and five other House Democrats proposed this week that the government establish a “Reasonable Profits Board”—an advisory committee with the power to directly control profits of a huge sector of the U.S. economy: our oil and gas industry. But there’s nothing reasonable about it. This proposal is another example of […]  More »

The Analogy Strikes Back! (The Energy/Star Wars One)

Given the popularity of last week’s post linking natural gas to Star Wars, I figured I would try to be a one-trick pony squeeze as much mileage out of this one as I could. Since some readers were flabbergasted at the omission of certain characters, here are some new analogies, with the emphasis on the crude complex. Boba Fett = Somali pirates. The ultimate modern […]  More »
The authors are solely responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Houston Chronicle or FuelFix.com
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