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We Are All Energy!

How often have you said you feel full of energy … or that you don’t have the energy to complete another task, walk that last mile, or just stay awake? We don’t always connect that kind of energy with the kind that comes out of the ground or from other natural resources on our planet, […]  More »

Shale Gas & the Re-Shaping of European Power Politics

By Peter C. Glover & Michael J. Economides As The High Stakes Pipeline Game points out, Russia clearly holds now the balance of power when it comes to European energy security. However, the current Eurozone economic crisis and the development of massive European shale gas reserves are set to combine to re-shape entirely the landscape […]  More »

Energy! You Goonie!

Oh my gosh, I hope this picture brings you as much amusement as it does me. With the return of piracy into the mainstream media in the last week, I have been reminiscing about the most fantastic of movies - The Goonies – and how it is inevitably tied back to energy. So here’s some truffle-shuffle-tastic insights to take us from crude to natty to Mikey […]  More »

We Need an Energy Day!

This country’s debt crisis and high unemployment have taken over the sound bites from Congress, the Administration, media, and political hopefuls. Of course, with the US national debt approaching $15 trillion and unemployment stubbornly over 9%, this is to be expected. With US retail gasoline prices dropping to the mid $3 per gallon level, strategic […]  More »

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Defies Al Gore

In 1917, Albert Einstein plugged what he dubbed the “cosmological constant” into his equations explaining why the universe didn’t collapse under its own gravity. He later abandoned the concept, calling it his “biggest blunder.” Today, three astronomers won the Nobel prize for proving Einstein’s original theory correct. It’s no surprise that modern scientists are still […]  More »

The Keystone Pipeline, Again in the News

By Michael J. Economides Last week the U.S. State Department hosted public meetings on TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL project in the six states through which the pipeline would run: Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas. On the heels of the project’s final environmental impact statement (EIS), Executive Order 13337 calls on Secretary Clinton […]  More »

Relevant versus Random Facts About Power

Once again this week I found myself going off on a tangent as I was researching something else. My meanderings led me to forraging for facts about power, so here are some relevant, riveting, and random electro-info-nuggets™.  –World net energy power generation is set to increase by 84% from 2008 to 2035.   –Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for […]  More »

Rising Tax Rates ‘Sink All Boats’

If Mark Twain was alive today, he surely would have been referring to President Obama when saying: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The President’s latest stimulus plan hinges on the faulty belief that if the federal government is able […]  More »

Not Too Good To Be True

Some of the latest research on U.S. petroleum reserves paints a refreshingly optimistic picture of our future capacity – not just in shale gas which is often touted as the fuel of the future, but for oil as well. One study from the National Petroleum Council found that the United States and Canada, combined, could be […]  More »

Some observations on the latest newsflow from the EIA, IMF, and Opec

Although I’m working on a few other posts, I’ve been distracted this past week by a number of key documents, speeches, and data releases (and of course, the omnipresent preoccupation of linking cartoons to commodities). Hither and thither, here are some observations I have cobbled together. 1) The EIA International Energy Outlook released on Monday (hereafter referred to as the EIA […]  More »

How many miles per gallon are you getting in your car?

If you’re like many consumers, you have no idea of your car’s mileage per gallon. You probably took note of the number when you acquired the car, but soon enough dismissed it as a rather meaningless figure that had little bearing on real world driving conditions.  More »

Obama’s Deficit Plan Benefits China’s, Venezuela’s Interests

When rolling out his deficit plan this week, President Obama went on the defensive. Twice denying his new tax proposals count as class warfare, his behavior called to mind Queen Gertrude’s response to Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Of course, it’s class warfare. The White House is gunning for “millionaires,” aircraft manufacturers, […]  More »

The High Stakes Pipeline Game

By Peter C Glover and Michael J. Economides In the gas pipeline game being played by Russia, the former Soviet satellite states and Europe, everyone appears set on upping the stakes this winter. Which explains why the ubiquitous Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, officiated on September 6 as the Nord Stream pipeline started pumping […]  More »

Spying Iran’s Nuclear End Game

By Peter C Glover and Michael J. Economides As John le Carré’s Cold War spy movie Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy opens to rave reviews in London, so the story of Iran’s nuclear program is taking on a dark le Carré-esque ‘keep-em-guessing’ undercurrent. Probably how Teheran’s ‘cloak and dagger’ regime prefers it. The question is: whose […]  More »

50 states, 1 year, no garbage

The environmental docu-comedy YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) is currently being screened around the U.S., painting an enlightening, humorous, and often moving picture of sustainability. FuelFix Voices contributor Matt Smith, aka The Energy Burrito, caught up with YERT producer/director Ben Evans to ask him some questions as he tries to raise awareness for the film. But […]  More »
The authors are solely responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Houston Chronicle or FuelFix.com
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