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The ABC’s of Conservation

Schools have been teaching energy conservation for decades. Now more of those schools are able to incorporate a little math into their lessons about the value of turning off the lights. The New York Timesreports that one Long Island school district was able to achieve some $350,000 in annual utility savingssimply by sticking post-it notes by classroom […]  More »

Goodnight, Irene

Guest Written By Peter Glover There was something faintly amusing about the rash of media reporters roaming the empty wet and windy streets of New York and Long Island last weekend. While directors back at base repeatedly ran the same shot of the wooden shed being tossed by waves off Long Island, for the frontline […]  More »

Dallas Drilling Task Force Reminiscent of New York City Salsa

This afternoon’s public meeting of the Dallas City Council’s gas drilling task force reminds me of a quite funny, yet very salient, commercial from Pace, the food company that makes the famous picante sauce. In the commercial, Texas cowboys are sharing a meal and then run out of salsa. When they ask for another jar, […]  More »

Hurricane Irene and the Natural Disaster of Fanaticism in the Climate Change Debate

Presidential politics have given media a new reason to cover climate change. By focusing on perceived differences on the issue among Republican candidates (ie Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, etc.), the most recent surge in news coverage misses a very important distinction. The question at hand is not what role human activity plays in […]  More »

Energy and Adapting to the Changing Climate

As Houston and Texas set new temperature and drought records, the power grid has come under increased stress.  Not just from demand, but because the water for cooling of some steam generation plants has become too warm for the the generation system.  While scientists have considered this possibility, the scale of the problem in Texas is quite problematic.  […]  More »

Oil Market: Rectifying The Broken Paper Pricing Model

It has become quite apparent that major changes are necessary in the oil futures market after the latest year of volatility which had little relation to the actual fundamentals of supply and demand in the marketplace.  More »

CO2 from Canadian Oil Sands – Higher, not Horrifying

Environmental opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring crude oil to the U.S. from the Canadian oil sands has heated up in recent weeks as the decision for whether to approve the pipeline approaches.  More »

Crude Drivers Collide – QE3, Libya, China, and Cushing

This week is shaping up be more crucial than most for crude oil, as we see some important developments in key price drivers of Black Gold, Texas Tea. So here are some details which have already been gleaned, and some which are yet to be revealed. First up, the pressure in general markets is building […]  More »

Perry, Romney, and Climate Change Consensus in the Presidential Race

It’s the nature of media (and, perhaps, society in general) that it often works to build controversy where none exists. Few places is that more evident than political races. When Texas Governor Rick Perry official entered the presidential race last week, he made comments about climate change and the adequacy of the science. Candidate Mitt […]  More »

Still One Of Our Greatest Resources

The United States isn’t running out of oil, but you might think otherwise given the rate at which we are producing this valuable natural resource. This analysis takes a fresh look at the relation between oil supply, oil demand, and production levels by plotting world crude oil demand since 1970 against U.S. crude oil production. Demand, […]  More »

Solar Feedstock: Does the Middle East Have What It Takes?

This post was written by Keily Miller, Research Associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. Last week’s decision by Evergreen Solar to file for bankruptcy shakes more than just the shareholders. The latest among a surge of bankruptcies and plunges in profits of solar industry heavyweights such as First Solar and SunPower, Evergreen Solar’s rapid […]  More »

America’s Resource Renaissance

American oil industry leadership groups such as the National Petroleum Council and the American Petroleum Institute have been meeting in recent months to fashion new frameworks for the industry to ensure best practices for oil and natural gas drilling. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the task at hand is proving highly […]  More »
The authors are solely responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Houston Chronicle or FuelFix.com
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