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Gasoline: 2 Bugbears, 5 Reasons, 1 Reality

This is my final rant about gasoline prices (for now), so please humor me. First up, I have two bugbears relating to current gasoline prices: a) higher prices are hurting the economy, and b) this isn’t a supply-driven issue (so there is no need to tap emergency reserves). Higher prices are hurting the US economy, because […]  More »

What the Heartland Response Reveals About Climate Activists

A reporter for a national newspaper covering the reaction to the stolen Heartland Institute documents asked me: Why does the question of climate change science matter so much to conservatives? Why do they fight these battles with liberals and scientists so fiercely, when no one on the national level is suggesting nationwide limits on greenhouse […]  More »

With Oil Prices Forecast to Reach $147 A Barrel, Experts Examine Energy Policy

The George C. Marshall Institute recently hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill to examine what we’ve learned from the past 40 years of energy policy. Panelists—including Karen Harbert, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy; Lucian Pugliaresi, President at the Energy Policy Research Foundation; and Mark Mills, founder […]  More »

Wind Power In Trouble on Two Fronts

This post was written by Lavanya Sunder, who interned at the Baker Institute Energy Forum and is a student at Lamar High School Wind power is being squeezed on two fronts. Natural gas prices remain low, limiting the financial incentive to install wind capacity. Meanwhile, the Chinese government continues limit the supply of rare earth […]  More »

How Predictive Indicators Fall Short When It Comes To Gasoline

As companies adopt increasingly sophisticated ways to reach customers or identify trends, they are getting super-sleuthishly good at coming up with predictive indicators. I’ve come across a couple of somewhat wacky ones in the last week, and I thought I would share them (especially as regular readers already know that quirky indicators are the way […]  More »

Heartland Emails Address Politics, Not Merits of Arguments

Mainstream media had something of a field day last week over alleged leaked documents from the Heartland Institute that purport to show the organization’s funding sources and its 2012 strategy. After reading at least a half a dozen articles about these leaked documents, I was left wondering: so what? The implication is that the source […]  More »

In 2012, Let’s Align U.S. Energy Policy with Global Reality

By Michael J. Economides I have waited for a couple of months for 2012 to mature before I put this piece out. (Even with past successes in predictions the anemic economy and the US elections make for a difficult punditry on the future.) The New Year opened with a sobering warning on energy policy and […]  More »

Dodd-Frank Handicaps U.S. Oil Companies, Favors, Russia China And Chavez

By Michael J. Economides Say what you want about the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill: necessary to protect consumers, a stranglehold on the economy, a must to fix up Wall Street. Whatever your opinion, there is a small provision in this colossal 2,319-page measure that deserves the attention of everyone concerned about the future competitiveness of […]  More »

The Cost of $100 Crude

This post was written by Keily Miller, Research Associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi’s statement in mid-January that $100 constitutes a “fair” price for a barrel of crude appears to have been met with uncharacteristic agreement across OPEC member states. In an interview with Austrian newspaper Kurier at the […]  More »

SEC Oil Rule Jeopardizes US Competitiveness

The Obama Administration is once again showcasing its inability to understand issues concerning American competitiveness in the global marketplace, as well as its hostility toward U.S. oil companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the encouragement of the President and many of his Congressional allies, is finalizing a new regulation requiring domestic companies to […]  More »

Is It a Jungle Gym or an Electric Charging Station?

This post was written by James Coan, Research Associate at the Baker Institute Energy Forum. Public electric vehicle charging stations are starting to pop around Houston and other cities in a noticeable fashion. According to eVgo, nine are currently operational around town (six of which are in parking lots of Walgreens stores). Recently, while driving […]  More »

Import Oil Grows Trade Deficit

In recent months, we’ve seen some positive economic data that indicates that an economic recovery may be underway.  So, why is the U.S. trade deficit – the difference between the value of what we are importing and what we are exporting – growing? Part of the reason is that Americans are starting to spend more, […]  More »
The authors are solely responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Houston Chronicle or FuelFix.com
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