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Meredith Stewart waits for her ride after Enron laid off her and thousands of others in the wake of its bankruptcy filing in 2001. Photo: Carlos Antonio Rios / Houston Chronicle

Hers is a picture of survival

In the hours before they were laid off from Enron Corp., Meredith Moore and her colleagues sat by their desks wrapping Christmas presents.  More »
Defense attorney, Daniel Petrocelli stacks  some binders titled "Raptors" while cross examining Ben Glisan Jr. Thursday, March 23, 2006 in the Houston Federal Courthouse. Glisan is a prosecution witness in the Enron,  Jeff Skilling, Ken Lay securities fraud and conspiracy trial.   ( AP Photo/Pat Lopez)

Where are the faces of the Enron trial?

Prosecutors brought various criminal charges against about three dozen executives and employees of Enron and firms that did business with it, and the accounting firm that audited its books.  More »
Jeff Skilling, Daniel Petrocelli

Skilling’s fall was nothing short of epic

As Christmas approached in 2001, the contenders for the title Most Hated Man in Houston came from a pretty short list. Not surprisingly, all worked for Enron, the onetime Wall Street darling suddenly staring into the abyss of bankruptcy.  More »

Enron Execs Indicted In Houston

Legal cloud starting to lift for Fastow

December will be a watershed month for Andrew Fastow.  More »
Laid-off Enron employee, Mary Garza, holds up a sign that says 'Moron, What were you thinking?' during a gathering of former workers across the street from the Enron Headquarters builfing, 12/19/01. The severed employees were gathering signatures  to provide a uniform letter to Enron asking for their response questions regarding the Enron severance plan and concerns about the lack of communication by Enron to severed employees. (Buster Dean / Chronicle)

With nest eggs busted by Enron, workers left in a bind

At their height, shares of Enron sold for as much as $90. By the time the company declared bankruptcy 10 years ago, the stock plummeted to $1 – taking with it the nest eggs of employees who had invested heavily in the company’s shares.  More »

Enron linked to Houston’s name, but not to its identity

Less than a year after Enron descended into bankruptcy, the process of liquidating its assets got to the point that all such business eventually does – hawking the stationery. Luckily for the creditors, this time it actually had value.  More »
A logo glows in front of the new corporate headquarters of the Houston-based energy trading firm Enron November 29, 2001 in Houston, Texas. Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling and former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay were found guilty May 25, 2006 in their fraud and conspiracy trial.  (Photo by James Nielsen/Getty Images)

The lessons we could have learned from Enron

It was supposed to be the scandal that changed everything, yet it taught us nothing.  More »
Todd Norris (upper left) of Neon Electric Corp. watches as the "E" from the Enron Field sign is lowered to the ground.  The sign on the east side of Astros Stadium was removed Tuesday as part of the renameing of the stadium. Neon Electric Corp., is the same company who originally installed the sign and was contracted to remove it.    HOUCHRON CAPTION  (03/27/2002):  Todd Norris, top left, of Neon Electric Corp. has a bird's-eye view Tuesday as the last Enron Field sign is removed. The Astros are in discussions to sell the naming rights, but new signs won't go up for at least another month. Ownership of the old signs has not been determined.

Photos of Enron’s rise and fall

See photos of Enron’s rise and fall in Houston.  More »
OPED - Uncle Sam and Enron

Enron case was much bigger than FBI agent first thought

When Mike Anderson launched the FBI’s investigation of Enron’s collapse in early December 2001, he thought assigning a couple of agents to the case would be a good start.  More »
A combination photograph shows British former bankers (L-R) Gary Mulgrew, Giles Darby, and David Bermingham as they leave Bow Street Magistrates Court in London October 15, 2004. A UK judge said on Friday he saw no reason why the three could not face trial in the United States over alleged fraud charges involving Enron executives.  REUTERS/Stephen Hird.

British bankers’ guilty pleas ‘put an end to a nightmare’

David Bermingham was 5,000 miles and 12 months away from home when the Department of Justice made him the offer.  More »
(Photo: David Paul Ohmer/Flickr)

FuelFix Newslinks |11.28.11|

Loren Steffy writes about what we should have learned from Enron. See where Enron executives, traders and other big wigs are now. And Anadarko increases estimates in Mozambique.  More »
Royalties from oil production on state lands is pushing Texas' Permanent University Fund toward a record $1 billion in annual revenue. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)

Oil rises near $97 a barrel; U.S. fuel prices fall

Oil was up Friday, but was down slightly for the week.  More »
Rice University Professor Douglas Brinkley speaks at a committee hearing about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.(Photo: C-SPAN)

Feud continues between Rice professor and congressman

The feud between Alaska Congressman Don Young and prominent historian Douglas Brinkley that started at a House committee hearing last Friday has continued, with Brinkley calling Young a bully and a “low-grade Joseph McCarthy.”  More »
(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Airlines cut small jets as fuel prices soar

The little planes that connect America’s small cities to the rest of the world are slowly being phased out.  More »
(Image: Flickr/pawpaw67)

Companies give GOP, regulators, different messages

Large and small companies have told Republican-led congressional committees what the party wants to hear: dire predictions of plant closings and layoffs if the Obama administration succeeds with plans to further curb air and water pollution.  More »