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84 percent of workers are searching for a new job

A new survey by Right Management, a consulting firm, found that 84 percent of employees are planning to search for a new job in 2012. Only 5 percent of workers are happy in their current position, according to the poll.  More »
Local youths look at an oil rig  in Nigeria's oil-rich delta region. (AP file photo/George Osodi)

3 foreign oil workers, 2 from US, freed in Nigeria

Authorities say gunmen have released at least two workers who were kidnapped two weeks ago from a ship supplying a Chevron Corp. offshore oil field in waters off Nigeria.  More »
(AP file photo/Paul Sakuma)

Shell pulls out of Syria

A spokeswoman says Royal Dutch Shell PLC has instructed its several dozen employees in Syria to halt work after being required to do so by the European Union.  More »

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Energy Dept. finds stricter EPA rules won’t threaten electric reliability

A Department of Energy analysis of how the electricity system would respond to far more stringent versions of upcoming air-emission regulations found the rules won’t threaten electric reliability.  More »
A Chesapeake Energy drilling rig (Photo: Chesapeake Energy)

Chesapeake doesn’t expect more Utica-sized discoveries

Chesapeake Energy Corp. said the oil and natural-gas industry isn’t likely to find another U.S. bonanza like the Eagle Ford and Utica shale formations.  More »
This photo taken and released by Rio de Janeiro's government, shows an aerial view of a boat crossing an area of an oil spill in an offshore field operated by Chevron at the Bacia de Campos, in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro state's environment secretary, Carlos Minc, says Brazil is expected to fine Chevron nearly $28 million for the ongoing offshore oil spill and will also ask Chevron to pay for damages caused by the Atlantic spill. Minc said Monday he considers the fine way too lenient, but it's the maximum allowed under current Brazilian law. (AP Photo/Rio de Janeiro's government,Rogerio Santana)

Chevron didn’t report gas operation, regulators say

Chevron Corp. didn’t report to Brazil’s oil regulator that hydrogen sulfide was mixed with the crude it was producing at a well in the Frade field off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, said Magda Chambriard, a director at the regulator.  More »
Antelopes pass near a Shell drilling site in Rocky Mountains, Pinedale, Wyoming. (Photo: Shell Oil)

Wyo. coal-to-liquid plant lines up gasoline buyer

A company planning a long-awaited $2.7 billion coal-to-liquids plant in southeast Wyoming announced Thursday it had lined up a buyer for the gasoline that would be produced there.  More »
Petroleos Mexicanos oil platforms in the Cantarell oil field in the Gulf of Mexico.  (Photo: Pemex/Bloomberg)

Mexico discovers gas reserves off Gulf coast

Deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has revealed reserves that could multiply Mexico’s production of natural gas, the country’s state oil company said.  More »
A large sign is seen in the front Sunoco'S Eagle Point refinery in National Park, N.J. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Sunoco idles Pa. refinery, 490 layoffs expected

Sunoco said it will idle a suburban refinery and lay off about 490 employees because of deteriorating market conditions.  More »
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Obama, Clinton to announce energy saving program

Enlisting former President Bill Clinton as a partner, President Barack Obama is announcing a $4 billion effort to increase the energy efficiency of government and private sector buildings, aiming for fuel savings and job creation at no cost to taxpayers.  More »
Protestors scale a shale gas rig at Banks, near Southport, England bringing a halt to work at the Cuadrilla Resources site Wednesday  Nov. 2 , 2011.  Cuadrilla Resources, which is drilling for gas in northwestern England, said Wednesday that independent experts concluded that the tremors were due to an unusual combination of geology and operations, and were unlikely to happen again. The company said local geology would limit any future seismic events to around magnitude 3 on the Richter scale. The tremor on April 1 measured 2.3 on the Richter scale.  Local campaigners have mounted a "Frack Off" campaign to oppose the drilling technique that cracks open rock layers to free natural gas.  (AP Photo/Peter Byrne/PA)

Shale pioneers plan next U.K. wells after frack causes quake

The sound that woke Caroline Murphy after midnight on April 1 was so loud she thought a car had crashed into her house. She doesn’t feel any better knowing it was the U.K.’s first recorded earthquake caused by natural-gas exploration.  More »
Pegasus, the winged red horse icon of Exxon-Mobil, is seen on a gas pump in Ferndale, Mich. (Photo: Carlos Osorio, Associated Press)

Exxon sells 84 gas stations in Houston

Exxon sold 84 gas stations in Houston yesterday to a local company, forcing the stations to temporarily close as the new owner took over, according to a KPRC Local 2 story.  More »
A newspaper vendor holds up a paper with a banner headline outside the federal courthouse after Enron founder Ken Lay and former CEO Jeff Skilling were convicted in Houston May 25, 2006. REUTERS/Tim Johnson

Enron’s fall foreshadowed 2008 crash

The collapse of Enron was a closely watched and thoroughly documented corporate event, a slow-motion cataclysm chronicled in thousands of articles, dozens of case studies, movies and even a play.  More »
(File Photo by James Nielsen/Getty Images)

Steffy: Why Enron is still with us

Business, like Houston, rarely uses a rearview mirror, so the anniversary of Enron’s bankruptcy filing, 10 years ago today, passes with a whiff of irony.  More »
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FuelFix Newslinks |12.02.11|

Enron celebrates 10 years since it filed bankruptcy. Arthur Anderson Ex-CEO says Enron and Europe are similar. Exxon is excluded from Iraq’s next licensing round.  More »