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Center for Offshore Safety aims to identify indicators of offshore problems

The new industry-created Center for Offshore Safety aims to be a one-stop shop for public, regulators and oil companies aiming to slash vulnerabilities in offshore drilling.  More »
Total headquarters outside Paris. (AP file photo/Jacques Brinon)

Total looking to keep its footing in Africa, expand elsewhere

Total intends to maintains its presence as the largest international operator for deep offshore drilling in Africa, as it expands its presence in Angola, Ghana, Nigeria and the Equatorial Guinea, a high official for Total said in a Monday afternoon speech.  More »
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OTC: Career changes can be the best move

Making a career change can be tough transition, but it can also be a very important decision.  More »
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Oil gushes from BP's Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico on July 12, 2010. (AP Photo/BP)

OTC panelist: spill revealed need to reassess insurance policies

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill revealed a need to reassess insurance and risk management in offshore operations.  More »
This photo taken and released by Rio de Janeiro's government, shows an aerial view of a boat crossing an area of an oil spill in an offshore field operated by Chevron at the Bacia de Campos, in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro state's environment secretary, Carlos Minc, says Brazil is expected to fine Chevron nearly $28 million for the ongoing offshore oil spill and will also ask Chevron to pay for damages caused by the Atlantic spill. Minc said Monday he considers the fine way too lenient, but it's the maximum allowed under current Brazilian law. (AP Photo/Rio de Janeiro's government,Rogerio Santana)

OTC debate: Is risk on the rise in the offshore industry?

Poor communication and pressure to get jobs done continues to hinder safety in some oil fields, OTC panelists say.  More »

Sixel: How to gracefully exit a conversation

Receptions are a great place to meet new people. So what do you do if you’re talking and you’re running out of things to say? Or you want to meet some of the other interesting people at the event?  More »
Shell's new Perdido oil and natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  ( Melissa Phillip / Houston Chronicle )

Deep discussion intrigues OTC pros

A plan to drill in more than 12,000 feet of water — half a mile more than the deepest wells now — impressed engineers and geologists at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »
A recruitment sign hangs over the Petronas booth during the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Center in Houston on May 4, 2011. (Photo: Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle)

OTC: Great networking advice

The Next Wave seminar at OTC is featuring an “ice-breaker” where everyone at the round tables has been asked to introduce themselves. At my table everyone is going around and talking about where they’re working or studying and what they’d like to do in the future.  More »
The blowout preventer stack, right,  and lower marine riser stack, left, from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, which was examined as evidence for federal investigations, are seen at the NASA Michaud Assembly facility in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Execs challenge companies to step up handling of deep-water risks

Oil companies need to borrow a page — and perhaps a whole playbook — from the airline industry to deal with the growing risks and challenges of deep-water drilling, a Talisman Energy executive said today.  More »
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BP answers questions live on Twitter

BP officials are set to answer question live on Twitter at 10:45 a.m.  More »

OTC buzzing with activity on the first day

The shoeshine stalls are teeming with activity, bagpipes have sounded and the announcements from companies, countries and regional agencies are rolling in.  More »
Bernard Looney, BP's executive vice president of development, spoke at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston Monday.

BP now works with fewer contractors to reduce risk, exec tells OTC audience

In response to the blowout of its Macondo well, blamed partly on poor communication among people working for multiple companies, BP now manages risk by developing stronger relationships with fewer contractors, a BP executive said at the OTC.  More »
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig burns in the Gulf of Mexico on April 21, 2010. (AP file photo/Gerald Herbert)

Steffy: BP calls for industry to adopt broader safety standards

The Offshore Technology Conference runs through Thursday, but within the first hour we had what will probably be the understatement of the week. Bernard Looney, BP’s executive vice president for developments, called on the industry to adopt broader safety standards.  More »
The Dockwise Vanguard will set out on its first transport project just weeks after it is completed in December. The Dockwise Vanguard is the winner of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Spotlight on New Technology Award. (Photos courtesy of Dockwise)

OTC winner: Semisubmersible vessel already booked through 2013

Dockwise’s jumbo semisubmersible vessel is still being built, but it’s already booked to haul production platforms and other giant pieces of cargo around the world throughout 2013 and beyond.  More »
A sign marks the entrance of the secluded Exxon Mobil corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas. (AP file photo/LM Otero)

OTC speech: Exxon VP talks about next wave of workers

L.M. Tillman, vice president of engineering for ExxonMobil Development Co., asked a ballroom full of attendees under the age of 35: “How can I be proud of working for the oil and gas business?”  More »