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Sixel: Keeping up with your new contacts

Keeping up with the people you meet at a trade show is just important than meeting them. But coming back to the office with a pocketful of business cards isn’t enough.  More »
Houston's Laura and John Arnold. (Photo: Bill Olive for the Houston Chronicle)

Houston billionaire trader John Arnold retiring at 38

Houston hedge fund manager John Arnold, a major force behind Enron’s once-mighty energy trading operation and one of the city’s richest men, has decided to retire — at 38.  More »
This image provided by BP's spillcam on June 6, 2010 shows oil leaking out of the Macondo well head in the Gulf of Mexico. (AP file photo/BP)

BP oil spill judge tentatively approves $7.8 billion pact

BP Plc (BP/) and lawyers suing the company won preliminary approval of their proposed settlement of claims over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  More »
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Software at OTC brings underwater workings into focus

Engineers and energy companies are rolling out sensors and software designed to give drillers above the water line and those onshore a better view of what is happening on the sea floor.  More »

Who’s in the crowd over at OTC?

You’ve surely missed something in the 641,000 square feet of exhibit space at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »

Attendee makes the trip from Trinidad and Tobago

Chamaylee Mohammed of Unlimited Power Tools Ltd talked to the Chronicle about attending the conference. Edited excerpts follow:  More »

OTC’s size speaks to the world’s enduring demand for oil

Last year I took the Metro light rail to the Offshore Technology Conference. I relished the irony.  More »

Independents still see Gulf opportunities

OTC panelists said smaller, independent oil and gas companies have less competition in the Gulf of Mexico than 10 years ago, but also are thwarted by regulations and the low price of natural gas.  More »

Attendee always impressed by how international OTC is

Kevin Renfro of Anadarko talked about attending the conference. Edited excepts follow:  More »

HB Rentals booth offers free lunch and open bar all day

Making thousands of pounds of steel visually attractive in a booth at OTC can be a difficult task. But with the help of free food and drinks, Louisiana-based HB Rentals pulled it off.  More »

The bar at Halliburton’s booth is open for business

Halliburton turned its booth into a local watering hole at OTC on Wednesday afternoon. A line of conventioneer goers at least 25 deep was waiting in line for a free beer or wine.  More »
Some Ohioans are asking for a ban on fracking for Natural Gas until the Environmental Protection Agency completes its study. (Photo: Ty Wright/Bloomberg)

Even offshore techs are talking about U.S. shale gas

More than half of respondents in an OTC poll said natural gas would surpass oil as the dominate energy source in the U.S. by 2030.  More »
Marathon Oil's corporate headquarters in Houston.  (AP file photo/Pat Sullivan)

Marathon Oil executive says independence suits company

Last June, Marathon Oil Corp., an integrated oil company that traces its corporate roots back more than a century to the early days of the industry, became an independent exploration and production company and spun off its refining arm.  More »
An artist's rendering of Shell's planned Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas vessel, which is expected to sit 125 miles off the Australian coast as early as 2016. (Image: Royal Dutch Shell)

Shell exec says natural gas is the future

A Shell executive said two major projects illustrated the oil giant’s faith in the future of natural gas and emphasized the company’s bet on the fuel as a major energy resource for the future.  More »
Posing at the OTC are Yuan Yuan Zang and Katelin Thurber, who both are fashion models with Neal Hamil Agency

Fashion models lure audience for OTC exhibits

Here’s the deal about the OTC ladies, which shouldn’t be confused with the women who work in the industry: Some are professional models, some are professional escorts and some are other things.  More »