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Former BP engineer Kurt Mix leaves the federal courthouse after a hearing in April.  (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan, File)

Ex-BP engineer pleads not guilty in spill probe

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Pickens said Kurt Mix of Katy applied for a green card to Canada as recently as March and planned to travel to Australia “never to return.”  More »
(Photo: Houston Chronicle)

OTC Guide to Houston’s restaurants and entertainment

Looking for ways to spend your free time during the OTC? Here are guides to some of Houston’s best restaurants, bars, clubs and sites, plus trails for running, which you’ll need to do to work off all those margaritas.  More »
The Eirik Raude semi-submersible rig operates on the Jubilee Field offshore Ghana. (Photo: Tullow Oil)

Guest Column: The regulatory cloud over the offshore service industry

Regulation has come to the offshore service industry, yet virtually all of the visitors and exhibiting companies at the OTC remain unware of this dramatic change to their industry.  More »

ROV intrigues as OTC winds down

As the exhibition at the Offshore Technology Conference came to a close, a massive subsea device with cameras and robotic arms was still commanding an audience on Thursday afternoon.  More »

OTC attendance tops 89K, third-highest in event’s history

A staggering 89,400 people attended the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Stadium, illustrating the rapid growth in domestic oil and gas production and enthusiasm for future development and products.  More »

Gazprom executive taps OTC to share ideas

Evgeny Yadryshnikov of Gazprom International talked about attending the conference. Edited excerpts follow.  More »

OTC: A more balanced view on climate change

It’s Thursday afternoon, the final hours of the Offshore Technology Conference, and it’s in these waning hours when some of the more interesting and diverse presentations emerge.  More »

Survival Systems draws a crowd without the gimmicks

Attracting attention at OTC isn’t too difficult when you have a 22,000-pound, bright-orange emergency survival capsule sitting in the center of your booth.  More »
(AP Photo/Ken Taylor/Shell/PA Wire)

North Sea still holds promise

While the North Sea’s oil fields are more mature than newer areas of offshore discovery, the waters still can provide decades of opportunity — especially with high oil prices as an incentive — according to industry experts and Britain-boosters at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »
(Photo: Phil Hollman/Flickr)

OTC tackles floating wind turbine technology

The prospect of offshore floating wind turbines was at the center of a series of studies at the Offshore Technology Conference that examined the future of the new technology.  More »

Travel management executive looks for business at OTC

Lucas Ribeiro of Wings Travel Management talked about attending the conference.  More »

Scottish energy companies growing, looking at Houston for new offices

There is a sizable group of energy companies from Aberdeen, Scotland at the Offshore Technology Conference this year, and many of the companies are using the event as a chance to start recruiting employees for Houston-based offices.  More »

OTC winner: Drillers can simultaneously drill and case hole with new liner

A new liner technology created by Tesco Corp. has essentially negated the risks of delay and other problems that go along with having an open drill hole before the liner is dropped in.  More »
Aubrey McClendon, co-founder of Chesapeake Energy Corp., is pictured during an interview in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005. (AP Photo)

Chesapeake alone forecasts gas rally for recovery

Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) Chief Executive Officer Aubrey McClendon is banking his turnaround of the industry’s biggest debtor on a rebound in natural-gas prices that no Wall Street analysts tracked by Bloomberg expect will happen.  More »

GE shows off powerful pipe-cutting blowout preventer rams at OTC

After a blowout preventer failed to successfully shear drill pipe and seal off BP’s Macondo well, companies that make the emergency devices have been looking for new ways to boost their performance. At OTC this week, GE Oil & Gas unveiled new blind shear rams the company says can slash through thick tool joints and seal off the well hole.  More »